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It's not easy being a collector. When people who have no knowledge about collecting cardS ask: "How much is a Ronaldo card worth?" we fall apart inside. Not because it is a stupid question, but because it requires so much energy and information to deliver a good answer to the question. We have therefore put it into text on this page, to make it easier for everybody - including ourselves.

​​Asking how much a card from Ronaldo is worth, is like someone asking you: "how much is a football shoe from Nike worth?" It's one brand, the shoes should cost the same, right? But as we all know you can get Nike football shoes from around €30 up to €300. You will also find the same price variation in cards. A card from Bellingham can go for €30, €300, €3000 or €30 000. It depends on the brand, how many cards were made, and how valuable other collectors see it.

Value of soccer cards.png

A card from the same season, with the same player and the same picture, can vary from €30- €30 000 . Yes, you read that right. But how is that even possible? It's a piece of paper, with some ink on it! Well, like everything else, it is all about supply and demand.

We have over 17 000 euro millionaires just in Europe - 62 000 world wide. If just 5 or 10 collectors with an unlimited amount of money want a 1/1 card in their collection, the price will explode.

The value of a card is based on thebrand, the player, and then how many cards that were made.

The most valuable cards are the ones that are numbered. If a card is marked #02/25, it means that there are only 25 pieces of that card in the world, and that you got number 2. But remember, the value of the card is determined by the name on the card - the player. You can get a numbered card with an autograph, and it can be worth just €10, because no one want to collect that card. An example of this would be players that play for clubs in the relegation zone in the Premier League.

If we would offer you a signed and numbered card of Bournemouth top scorer Philip Billing for just €50, would you take it? Have you even heard about Philip Billing?

What if we offered you a signed and numbered card from Haaland, for €100? You see how the player determines everything, and how the other factors only add to the value that is already there?

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