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Why start a memorabilia company?

The answer to that question is actually really simple! When the founder wanted to invest in a framed and signed jersey from Ronaldo back in 2018, he could not find anything that he wanted to put up on the wall.


There are several factors to take into consideration when buying a signed and framed item. First of all: the frame. We wanted a frame made of wood, not plastic. And we wanted glass in the front, not acrylic. 

When it came down to the design that filled the area around the shirt, we were disappointed with the lack of information about the item. Why would none of the companies provide the neccessary information about the accomplishments that the player performed while wearing that shirt, that season? Why only provide the name and the year?


All the other companies only provided a black design around the jerseys. We know that a black design does not complement the more colorful jersey, like for example the home jersey of Barcelona or Dortmund, and therefore we wanted a white design around the shirt.

  • A non-removable sticker attached to the product with a certification number from the best signature company in the world


The least a client can expect from a memorabilia company is that the product they sell is verified. How hard is it to provide evidence that the product is real, if it in fact is real? It's not hard at all. Still, we have hundreds of companies selling signed memorabilia that comes with an in-house certificate. You potentially have a scammer giving you a certificate saying that he believes the autograph is real. What did you expect? That the person you are giving your hard earned money to, would tell you that he faked the autograph?  There is a reason why we have signature experts, because there are so many fakes being produced and sold. So as a company and as a customer, why take the chance and buy something without a COA from Beckett, PSA, or JSA?

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