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If you are new to the world of collectible cards, welcome!

Here is some important information that is essential if you want to start a good collection that will icrease in value:

Collect Topps or Panini.

Both companies own the rights to different sports and different events. Panini for example, own the rights to the Euro and the World cup, while Topps owns the right to the Champions League.

Collect cards, not stickers.

Kids are the main target for stickers, as they are of lower quality and therefore sell at a much lower price than cards. 

The most fancy looking cards are not the best.

If you want to buy a card that gains value, try to buy a card from a young and upcoming player, that is numbered.

Yes, you read that right. Some of thecards are numbered, f.ex 123/175 or 1/30. The lower the number is, the harder it is to get it in a collection, which means that people are willing to pay a higher amount to secure the object.


Which player should you buy?

It isn't always a good investment to choose low numbered or signed cards. You have to consider the popularity of the player. If you see a 1/10 of Harry Maguire, would it be a good investment to buy it? No. Even if it has a low number, and even if it may rise in value, the demand is not high and other potential investments will rise higher in value over time.


Messi and Ronaldo will always add value over time, but if your wallet or your mind is not ready for those kind of prices, invest early in the new generation, like Musiala, Camavinga, Saka or Foden. You can still get some OK prices on basic cards from Vinicius and Haaland in 2023, but with Mbappe the train left the station years ago. 

Get your cards rated, or buy cards that already are.

We only sell and buy cards that are rated by PSA and BGS. Cards are rated from 1-10, where 10 is the best - naturally. We would advise you to not buy anything lower than PSA 8, and only buy PSA 8 if there is a player, a card or a price that is exceptionally good.


The rich collector are picky, and only buy 10's. Therefore we have seen a Panini card of Messi (from the World Cup in 2006) with a PSA rating of 9 go for €300, while the same card but with a PSA 10 went for €3000. Does it make sense? No? Is the card the same? Yes, nearly identical. Is it because the crazy rich collectors only want PSA or BGS 10's in their collection? Yes.


A pack, is what holds the cards. A pack can contain eveyrthing from 4 to 25 cards, depending on the brand, the box and the price. Panini or Topps does not sell single packs. So even though you may only want one pack, the pack did arrive to the location in a box.

A box:
A box protects the packs. A box may have 1 to 24 packs inside, depening on the brand.

The most important thing you need to know when buying, is that there are different boxes, within the same brand. Take Topps Chrome f.ex. You can get a "Hobby box" of Topps Chrome, but you can also get a "Value box". It's in the word, you get good value for the money, but you lose the chance to get the best cards. You only get 7 packs, instad of 24 packs, and 6 cards inside each pack instead of 8.

A case:

If you have ever heard the words "This must be the case hit", you know that the card is exeptionally good.

A case is a huge cardboard box, that contains 10 or 12 boxes. So cases are only used for big spenders, that buys a lot of boxes. 

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