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Businesses make money by selling products that they buy, at a higher price. The new price that they sell the product for, needs to cover the daily labor, the insurance, the rent of their location, the electricity, plus hardware and software that is being used. When you add all those expenses up, you will see what the price needs to be for the business to break even. The company hasn't made any money yet, so it has to add a profit upon the new price.

This is why Starbucks is selling a coffee for $5, that you could make at home for $0.5.

Even though you can afford the coffee at Starbucks - or any other coffee shop - they are still overcharging you.

If you feel like you could get a better deal by making the product yourself, then do it. Did you find the same product for a lower price? Then buy it there, problem solved. The world does not need to know your every move.

You don't go to Starbucks social media or to their location to complain, do you? No. So why do you feel like you have to do it on social media, when there's a smaller company selling a product or service that you can not afford? Your comment has no value for the company, no value for strangers reading your comment, and no value for you, as you are only wasting everyone's time, including your own.

The exact same product can vary in price, due to several factors. The price of a bottle of water in the store depends on the brand. They all serve the same purpose, but at a different cost. If you want Evian water.... The day after, you are on the highway, and stop for gas, and see the same bottle, but at a much higher price than the store. One week later, and you are at the airport, thirsty, but see that the Evian water bottle is twice the price as the supermarket. The same product, three different prices.

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