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How do you know if the autograph is real?

How do we know and how is it possible to be 100% sure that an autograph is real?
Well, the solution is simple. Like always, let's ask Google!

Google only recommends buying signed items that have been verified by an authentication company. The authentication company only works with verifying autographs, and are not allowed to sell any signed objects.

But like in football, there are bad and good alternatives - good and bad teamsl. Google only recommend purchasing an item with a verification from one of the five prestigious authentication companies mentioned below:

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At ( we only sell items that are verified by JPA, PSA or Beckett.


When an autograph is verified, it means that it has been approved by a autograph authentication company and their experts.
Each object that is verified will have a sticker attached next to the autograph. This is called a COA, short for certificate of authentication. On the sticker there is a registration number, just like a license plate on a car. This number is unique, and will tell you all you need to know about the item. Just go to the website of the authentication company, enter the number that is on the item, and you will see who signed the item, which city the item was signed in, and when it happened.

The newest stickers even have a QR code, so you can just scan it there and then.

Signed football shirts by Messi and Ronaldo.png
Real and verified autographs by Messi and Ronaldo.png

Because JPA, PSA and Beckett are so well known and respected, they usually are in the same room as for example Ronaldo or Messi when they have a signing session. If one of the companies were present at the signing, the item will get a label with the word "WITNESSED". These autographs come in at a premium, as it is the highest level of authenticity that exists in the world.

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