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What can you find in the shop?

In the shop below you can buy one of our framed and graded football cards. In profesional terms, graded and framed cards are called a "slab".

You can also buy a pack of collectable cards from us, that we open for you on our TikTok or Instagram Live. We will ship the cards to you the day after we have opend the cards. The profesional term for this activity is called a "break", because we break open a pack.

Could you please explain the price difference?

The two big brands Panini and Topps produce several different cards collections. Some are for children, like Match attax, and some are for rich adults. You can get litterlary get a packs from 1€, up to €2000. Did you read that right? Yes you did? 


In our store you will see that "Topps UCL Collection" is cheaper than "Topps UCL Chrome". Why is that? To make a comparingson that everyone can understand, it's like chosing between a Audi A6 or a Audi RS6. It's the same brand, it the same product, but it's not the same end product.

On o the next question: Why can you get Chrome at two different prices in our store? Well, Topps provide you with two options. A pack from a hobby box, or a pack from a lite hobby box. The hobby box is the most expensive and the best option. Why, do you ask? In the hobby box you will find one Chrome autograph card per box and "Golazo" and "Future Star" inserts! If you choose the cheaper option, the lite hobby box, there will not be an autograph in a box and some of the parallels are not to find. If you click on the lite hobby box product below, you will get a more detailed information about the parallels.

Vi har ingen produkter å vise her akkurat nå.

Vi har ingen produkter å vise her akkurat nå.

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