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Let's get one thing clear: a COA (certification of authenticity) has almost no value if it's signed by the company that sold you the item. It is the seller - who want your money - telling you that the signature on the item is real. What did you expect? If it's fake, he definitely won't tell you. It's like a guy running a second hand Rolex store, signing a note telling you that the Rolex is real.
So the most important tip we can give you if you want to buy a signed memorabilia from another store than us, is to ask the dealer who is providing the COA.

If you feel that you have enough evidence that the signature is real, you can take the gamble, buy it, and then send it to a respectable authentication service.

You need the worlds best experts to analyse the shape of the signature, the transition, the detials and the inc used to confirm that the autograph is real.
These are the companies that Google and Ebay list as the Top 5 experts in the world:

Authentic autographs.png

For the moment there are only two stores in Europe that are providing a COA from Beckett.
Those companies are:



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