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Here are the ones you should look out for, from the best and most expensive, to bottom.

  1. Topps Museum Collection
    A few cards, for a crazy price, but with crazy cards to be pulled. Here you have the chance to pull a card with dual autographs from Ronaldo and Messi. One box only has one pack, that contains 8 cards, and costs around $300. So approximately 38 dollars per card 
    Each pack includes four Base Cards, one autograph, one autograph relic card, one relic card, and one parallel card

  2. Topps UCL Gold
    One box is $140 and contains 8 packs, with 10 cards in each pack. There should be one autograph in each box and two parallels.

  3. Topps Chrome Sapphire UEFA Champions League (Sapphire came out in 2019/2020)
    One box is $255 and contains 8 packs, with only 4 cards in each pack. So approximately 8 dollars per card.

  4. Topps Finest UCL
    One hobby box actaully has two boxes inside. The price is around $250 and contains 12 packs with only 5 cards in each pack. So approximately 4 dollars per card. There should be two autographs, one autograph in each of the two boxes.

  5. Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League (The seasons before 2019/2020)

  6. Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League (The 2020-2021 and after, due to printing to many cards)
    One box is $255 and contains 8 packs, with only 4 cards in each pack. So approximately 8 dollars per card.

  7. Topps Deco (Established 2021/2022)One hobby box is $250 and contains 10 packs, with 8 cards in each pack. So approximately 3 dollars per card.There is one autograph and a pair of parallels on average per box. Deco also has dual and tripple autographed cards.

  8. Topps Merlin Chrome UEFA (Established 2020/2021. Merlin got the Premier League license in 1994. In 1995 Topps boght Merlin) One box is $225 and contains 18 packs, with only 4 cards in each pack. So approximately 3 dollars per card.

  9. Topps Now (First released in 2016) 
    Low printing. The word 'Now', is because it is only possible to buy a card for 24 hours. Base card costs $10 at Topps website. Autograph $80)

  10. Topps Stadium Club Chrome UEFA (New product that came out in the  2020/2021) These cards have the photo in foucs, with great pictures from great moments. One Hobby box is about $175 and has 18 packs, with 6 cards per pack. So approximately 1,6 dollars per card. There should be one autograph per hobby box.

  11. Topps Chrome Bundesliga

  12. Topps Match Attax (Collected by children. Just in the UK 1 500 000 kids collect the cards.)


​The prices stated below are from the brands own website. But, a lot of times the product gets sold out, like Topps Deco. What happens then? Companies or people that have bought the product, can re-sell it, for a much higher price. So even though the prices below may be the price when the product was launched, it is not likely that it is the price today.​​


It is not just the name of the player that determines the value of a card, it is also how rare the card is that determines the value. You can get a gray and basic Topps Messi card for €30-40, while the same card with the same picture, but with a limit of 50 cards can go for €200.

Here is the problem The card does not have to be numbered, to be rare.

The cards come in different colors, were some are more scarce than others. You might think that Gold would be the highest rank, but it is not. Red is. And orange is second. Gold, it actually third:

  • Purple: 250,

  • Blue: 150,

  • Green 99

  • Gold: 50

  • Orange: 25

  • Red: 10

Hey, it gets more complicated. The colors mentioned above, are numbred, and rare. But guess what. There are alternative versions of the colors, for example carbon fiber, bubbles or lava. They are also a collectible.

In 2019/2020 it was carbon fiber and bubbles. The same in 2020/2021, with a 1000 speckle added. But in 2021/2022, it was all about Lava, apperantly.

  • Blue Bubbles – 194

  • Purple Carbon Fiber– 165

  • Green Bubbles – 99

  • Gold Bubbles – 25

  • Orange Carbon Fiber – 10

  • Red Carbon Fiber – 5

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